The SLG Group is a respected, global staffing agency specializing in the placement of household and corporate staff. With an expansive network curated from only the best candidates, our agency attracts the leading talent in their fields owing to our character and the trust we create.   


We appreciate that every client is different and that their requests are a priority, so it is important to us that you know we really listen to your needs. Our mindful and personalized approach has garnered us an exceptional reputation, prompting our clients to become our biggest supporters, referring their families, friends and associates. 


Our agency values your time and we work hard to ensure the process of finding your perfect candidate is stress-free, focused and accurate. We don’t stop there. We offer continued support after the hiring to ensure the success of our placement. 


We look forward to hearing how we can help you.

Making the Process Easier

We know that hiring someone can be a time consuming, unwieldy and even frustrating process whether it’s the first or hundredth time. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-profile “A-list” celebrity; high-net-worth individual; married and single working professionals; new families with a spouse heading back to work; or a family that needs extra help for whatever reason.

We can make the process easier to navigate because we have experience being the best candidate to meet a family’s needs as well as finding the best candidates to fulfill yours.

How We Work with You


We start with fully understanding your unique situation so we can determine what staffing solutions will work best for you. We collaborate with you to assess your needs in whatever way is most convenient for you which can be by meeting with you in your home on the phone or through email.

Once we have identified the most fitting staffing options to suit your needs, we match you with the best candidates from our extensive database of talent.

The best candidates aren’t just high quality and qualified professionals who have been thoroughly screened but people who will fit into your homes, offices, and lives based on all the personalities, life pace, and specific tasks involved.

We value our well-curated candidates and focus on their needs to find the right job for them knowing that if they are happy, they will perform better for you.

Primary Practice Areas

Private Estate Staff

(Nannies and Family Assistants)

Private & Commercial Chefs

Yacht & Aircraft Crew

Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Administration Support

General & Executive Level Placements

Security & Close Protection

About the Founder

Samantha Lloyd-Gordon, Founder and CEO of The SLG Group, is a former Estate Manager and Personal Assistant, where she oversaw all estate, administrative and personal concerns for her high net worth and high-profile employers, as well as, all staffing for the homes she supported. Her experience gives her direct knowledge to understand your needs more than other staffing companies.

Samantha’s comprehensive expertise brought her to the attention of a well-regarded international staffing firm where she was the US Director for past 5+ years.

Samantha’s goal in creating The SLG Group is to provide service with honesty, integrity, and transparency, to protect and support my clients and represent my candidates with professionalism, poise and a sense of humor.

Additionally, she was on the Board of Directors (for 8 years) with the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, and is currently a member of DEMA, Domestic Estate Management Association and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

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