Live-in Domestic Couple in San Juan Islands and Miami – must travel and be okay with client who smokes

Domestic Couple
Florida, Miami
Posted 3 years ago

Our client is seeking a Live-in Domestic Couple to work part of the year in the San Juan Islands and in Miami.

The Client may spend one month of the summer in Maine. This could be with or without the Couple but they will still be paid whether they travel with or without the client. Travel is considered part of the job and there is no offer for additional travel pay. It is also possible that client will travel in Florida, between houses in Miami and the Keys. The position may end up being mostly in Miami (or possibly mostly in San Juan Island), so travel flexibility is extremely desirable.

The role is to provide care of an elderly client, nursing experience is not required.The Couple should be experienced in Housekeeping, with the ability to cook. One of candidates is to be a Chauffeur. As part of the daily routine, administering medication will be required, along with taking the client’s blood pressure.The main role is to be able to offer companionship, as and when the client requires it. Discretion, patience, and compassion are essential.

Working hours are 9.00am-6.00pm. Flexibility will be required.  The Couple will get 1 day off a week together and 1 day off on a rota basis. Extended vacation of at least 15 working days will also be arranged at some convenient point in the calendar year.

Live-in lodging to be provided in all locations. Separate kitchen on San Juan Island.

The chosen candidates will do a 7-12 day trial,  which will be paid, as well reasonable travel costs.

Must be okay with a client who smokes *in the house*

For more information about how to apply, please review our website: FAQ Candidates

The San Juan Islands are a beautiful area between Washington state, and Canada; check this out for more information:


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Job CategoryClosed Job
Salary100-125k+ per year

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