Housekeeper for large estate, travel up to 60% of the year and work on team

Posted 4 years ago

Housekeeper for large estate, work on team with other long term Head Housekeeper! Great team environment!

Busy and exciting professional family is seeking a superb Housekeeper who is detailed, good at working on a team, efficient and careful. This position TRAVELS both internationally and domestically to client’s other homes. Must be available to travel up to 50-60% of the year!  In addition to the daily and deep cleaning needs of the estate, this position also requires these responsibilities working both solo and with the Head Housekeeper (HH):

  1. The pack – which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Constant edit / audit of pack items, making sure everything is up to date and still current
  • Ensuring a 2nd pack is always ready and available
  • Elevation of the pack


  1. Dry Cleaning – Which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Working with HH and separating dry cleaning for either our local dry cleaner depending on the item and who it’s for
  • Logging all outgoing / incoming dry cleaning
  • Ensuring that all incoming clothes go to HH to be put away
  • Making sure the packing closet is stocked with clothes and also partnering with HH to make sure clothes are stocked in the downstairs master suite
  • Going through dirty clothes that come back from the pack and working with Assistant to make sure that they are rushed if needed for the next pack
  1. Organizational Projects – which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Working with Assistant and HH on areas that might need to be organized within the main home and workroom
  • Constant checking / elevation of the supplement cabinet –  make sure supplements are in stock and chunked properly
  • Constant checking / elevation of the packing closet –  make sure pack items & toiletries are in stock and chunked properly
  1. Assistant for vendors and gate management– which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Checking in with Assistant to see what vendors are coming to the house and which ones you might be assigned to
  • Management of the gate – making sure appropriate people are coming in and letting Assistant know when people arrive
  1. Assist to HH & Flower Arrangements – which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Checking in with HH first thing when you get in to see where you may best support , you will typically be with HH for the first half of your day, so managing your time appropriately to allow for maximum efficiency
  • Purchasing / sourcing of flowers from our local contact and arrangement of flowers when requested
  • Helping set up for dinner parties / special guests that come within the residence – making sure areas of the home are presentable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

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