Staffing is like matchmaking! It’s not one size fits all.

A great candidate is more than just someone qualified on paper. The ideal candidate should fit into your household or office and work well with your team, meet your pace and expectations and truly simplify your life. That perfect match should be someone you can trust with your family, your home, and always have your best interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

Where do you find your candidates?

Through our own extensive recruiting database, referrals, personal relationships and connections, and a little bit of magic.


What is your fee structure and replacement guarantee?

Our fees are competitive within the staffing industry, and we guarantee our placements. Please contact us for more information.


What areas do you serve?

We place staff across the entire U.S., and select countries throughout the world, primarily in England, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.


What is your vetting process?

We have an extensive vetting process to accurately qualify candidates before our clients even see their profiles. You will never meet a candidate we have not met with face to face and assessed.


Do you do a Background check?

Absolutely! We do a National database criminal background check and sex offender registry. We verify social security numbers and other qualifying checks depending upon the position.


What roles do you recruit?

The most sought after roles in the household are Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, Chefs, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Nannies and Security Teams. Corporate staffing requests including: Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Administrative Support and other ad hoc positions.

Why take it from us? This is what others have said:

“The BEST!!!  You have to use this agency!  You will be cared for in a way you didn’t think possible.  Are you looking for any kind of domestic support?  Look no further, you have found the best!”

Kelly W

“Samantha is amazing!  She found us the perfect candidate for a high profile family in Los Angeles.  I know that time is of the essence with these families and if they find the right candidate they move forward very quickly.  We are thrilled and couldn’t have asked for a better experience! “

Victoria T.

“Samantha was absolutely great to work with!  She really gets it and helped me find great candidates for a temp position I need to fill at the home of one of my celebrity clients. “

Loren E.

“Very professional, cared about all parties involved. I felt their services were personal and they actually cared about the business relationships involved. I worked with Samantha and I feel blessed that I did. I’ve already sent their contact information to my network of professionals that I feel would benefit from their services.”

Carol L.

“Samantha has been nothing less than professional since I’ve known her these past 2 years. I can attest to the fact that if you’re in the service industry and you’re looking for a good quality and high-paying assignment or job, she’s DEFINITELY the person to go to! She goes above and beyond.”

MacAnthony O.

“I’ve been working with Samantha Lloyd-Gordon for the last 6 years.  She has the best the clients and quality work.  She makes sure that her clients get exactly what they need and that her professionals are taken care of as well. She’s an amazing person to work with. I just email her and let her know that I am available for the summer or for the holidays and she always seems to have an awesome job for me.” 

Gia M.

During the past few years I have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a number of service professionals in the industry. Without a doubt, Samantha stands out within that group of professionals. Her drive, passion for service, attention to detail and commitment to the highest professional standards sets her apart in our industry. I’ve been quite honored to be submitted by her to some of the top positions in the country. She’s such a pleasure to work with, available, quick to respond, always professional, and a truly kind person willing to go out of her way to help her candidates and clients. I value her perspective and look forward to learning and sharing ideas going forward

Don T.

Samantha is by far the most genuine and caring estate services agent I have been privileged to be associated with in my 11 plus years of being an estate manager. I have been associated with many agents and agencies thru the years. Sadly, most of these agencies treat you like a number and you rarely receive a call back or email from them. Samantha however, has been the exception, she treats me like a matter just as much as her clients. To me a great agent and agency is one who appreciates their clients as much as they do their candidates. This is about people and relationships. Understanding a client’s needs and matching them to a candidate who can fulfill their needs is an intimate discovery process. I highly recommend Samantha Lloyd Gordon.

Dalkoiya B.

Samantha Lloyd-Gordon, is beyond amazing. I have worked with her on multiple occasions as a candidate and as a Domestic Staffing Agency CEO. She takes the time to listen to the needs of the candidate and client. She is thoughtful when positions come up that she needs assistance in placement or if she thinks I’m the perfect fit for the job on the candidate side. She is always professional, transparent and thoughtful. These are hard attributes to come by in such a cut throat pretentious industry. I would highly recommend working with her in all aspects of your staffing needs, She is a Rock Star 🙂

LeRoy W.

I had a great experience working with Samantha… she helped me with my current position and could not have been better to work with. I recommend Samantha to all of my friends.

Corey R.

Samantha is a terrific person and extremely talented and dedicated to her work. Her professionalism and her sense of humour allow those around her to feel secure and have fun moving from challenge to challenge with full confidence that they will surpass their goals.

Gil B.